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For over 25 years RF Logic have been successfully designing complete turnkey products, that include mechanical, electronic and firmware design, and sub assemblies that by interactive discussions are designed to fit into a client’s own mechanical design. Many products have been successfully developed for our clients by applying these skills in the audio, RF, industrial and military industries and the company has established an enviable reputation for its expertise in the design and manufacture of electronic products. Miniaturisation of hardware, good mechanical design, combined with well written, efficient and maintainable firmware allow us to produce designs that easily exceed customer expectations. With our comprehensive knowledge of modern technology at the front end of your design process, RF Logic can apply its knowledge and experience to enhance your expectations of features, cost and performance.

Many design companies offer knowledge of wireless systems such as WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee. We do, but our RF design background allows us to also offer bespoke wireless interfaces in this band that can solve issues that these common interfaces have that make them inappropriate for many applications. Knowledge and experience of the regulatory procedures worldwide make a bespoke interface possible.

RF Logic’s team of multi-disciplined engineers are able to produce simplified elegant designs that not only meet the customer requirements, but are flexible enough to include enhancements and new features when necessary. Our extensive knowledge of design for different market sectors make us the ideal design partner. Many product ideas miss out on the innovations that can be applied from one market sector to another. In house teams can often become stale or insular to your current products. Let us breathe some new life into your new design.

Wireless Electronic Voting Systems.

Lumi Connector Handset

Working closely with the global leader in interactive event technology, RF Logic was instrumental in the design of the world’s first complete meeting and event solution in one easy to use wireless handheld device. With a variety of features not seen in this marketplace before, the device’s capabilities go beyond voting to provide a totally new level of interactive engagement for delegates at events of all types, with multi channel high quality audio provided for all.

Wireless Load Monitoring System.

DLM TW3 Handset

The TW-3.0-T Telemetry Handheld Display is a modern, slimline, multifunctional load monitoring device which is unique to DLM. This innovative design is built with the user in mind. It has a large, high quality LCD screen which is optically bonded removing the need for a back light and improving clarity in bright sunlight. There can be up to 12 load cell devices attached to each handset which can each be given a customisable friendly name made visible on the screen to make instant identification possible. This multi featured high precision unit ensures reliable load readings while also being simple to operate. It can be used in conjunction with any DLM manufactured load cell.


DLM TW3 Dongle Example PCB Example PCB

Military Gun Sights.


RF Logic Ltd have provided graticule illumination and laser pointers for a range of military gun sights as well as red dot sights for portable munitions.

Digital automatic microphone Mixer.

Clock Audio MR88 Automatic Mixer

RF Logic Ltd designed an 8 channel digital automatic microphone mixer incorporating advanced DSP technology. It has been carefully designed to give outstanding performance and flexibility while maintaining simplicity of set up and use. Fast, silent,automatic, and easy set up with LCD display of all functions and settings from front panel and by in house designed PC application through its RS232 socket.

RF friendly microphones.

Clock Audio Wireless Microphone

RF Logic Ltd designed a range of microphones that are immune to external RF interference from mobile phones and PDA’s etc. The noise emitted from these devices can wreak havoc on everything from a simple phone call to a complex video conference, and everything in between. The “RF Friendly” series of microphones completely strips out these artefacts without any degradation of audio quality, frequency response or sensitivity.

Clockaudio CW9004 UHF PLL Multi-Channel Radio Microphone System

Clock Audio CW9004 Microphone System

RF Logic Ltd designed the casing and electronics for Clockaudio of a versatile, flexible and easy to use multi channel radio microphone system for use in a wide range of professional applications. Operating in the UHF Band for resistance to interference and using PLL synthesised Channels for easy selection at the diversity receiver and transmitter.

High performance LED Lights

High performance LED Light

RF Logic Ltd designed the circuitry for an ultra high performance LED bicycle lamp, which weighs only 63g and gives 1200 lumens of light from 4 LED’s. Designed and built with aircraft standard components. The successful range has expanded to include 3, 4 and 7 LED variants, internal and external batteries and vehicle power supplies.