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RF257 Automatic Modulation Meter

RF257 Automatic Modulation Meter

The RF257 automatic modulation meter has been designed to simplify the measurement of AM and FM modulation on RF signals. As the RF275 always locks to the highest level signal available, ignoring spurious signals and harmonics, it greatly simplifies and speeds up modulation measurements. It can operate over the frequency range 1.5MHz to 2.0GHz and with reduced sensitivity up to 4GHz.

FM measurement of peak positive, peak negative or mean deviation, with 5 deviation ranges from 1kHz to 100kHz full scale. AM measurement of peak, trough or mean in percentage modulation with 5 ranges from 1% to 100% full scale. The audio measurement bandwidth is selectable and the demodulated audio is available at the front panel. The IF is available on a BNC connector on the rear panel.

The RF257 is particularly useful in the aviation and broadcast industries for measuring the modulation of transmitters. The unit is small and lightweight, making it ideal for the bench or field work, especially with the internal battery option installed.


Datasheet RF257 Datasheet.pdf
Operator Manual RF257 Operators Manual.pdf
Service Manual RF257 Service Manual.pdf

Ordering Information

RF257/01 RF257 Automatic Modulation Meter Mains Only
RF257/03 RF257 Automatic Modulation Meter Mains Plus Internal Battery


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